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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions:

We offer the unique and quality products with the given criteria. If you are buying anything, it means that you agree to our terms and conditions. But, we have the right to modify our terms and conditions anytime without any notice and hesitation. If you want to shop with us, it should be through credit cards. If you are not the resident of the US, then your credit card company must change the transaction to your currency in a convenient manner. We can change even the rates of products without any significant notice. Don’t think that we would do fraud with you; it doesn’t mean that we will demand different rate than we agreed upon while we were placing an order. There would be no contract between you and us until the order is accepted.

After the acceptance of order, we would agree upon some terms. Also, you can’t claim the ownership of goods before payment. Moreover, we have right to cancel any order. The reason behind cancellation can be the unavailability of power or any other kind of insecurity regarding payments. However, we will inform you about the problem if any one occurs. This is the criteria, terms, and conditions between you and us, as a professional link. Read all the terms and conditions before proceeding with the order because these terms and conditions would always be same.

Cabin baggage allowances:

It is the necessary step of shopping. Identify the benefits permitted by your carrier because it may vary depending on the numerous factors such as persons and timings.


In the past, only credit cards were allowed, but now we also accept payments by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. After the confirmation of the order, the payment must be cleared. While making the payments, you should confirm that you are the authorized user of the credit/debit services. If you hold the credit/debit card, you will be the subject of authorization and validation checks by the card issuer. If the authorization got rejected by the credit/debit card by an issuer, we would not be liable for any non-delivery or delay.

Sales tax:

We don’t charge any sales tax for delivery of the orders in the US. However, the provision in the state of New York may include the sales tax.


You have to wait for at least 15- 20 business day for your item. All the orders for products require a UPS ground and physical address. The average Handling and shipping charges are $10 per order.

Product guarantee:

We ensure the quality and long lifetime of our product. Also, the repair facility is available here; you can return the product for replacement or repair either. However, we exclude the guarantee for fair wear and tear.  Keep in mind that the lifetime of the product may vary by the number of factors.
The Accuracy of information:

All the measurements shown on the page are approximate. The color and sizes may vary from the original color of the product supplied to you. We show the accurate dimensions of the good and the products are made from the real dimensions and soft fabrics. However, the actual size will depend on the number of factors such as how the product has been filled, tried or used at any particular time. It is possible that we change the products to some level without posting the details on our site. Because the supplier materials and manufacturing processes evolve over time.